About Us

MTC is an official umbrella body that represents and acts for the private players in the tourism sector in Malawi.  MTC is a non-profit TRUST incorporated under the Trustees Incorporation Act on 13th December, 2012. The Council promotes the value of Malawi tourism; advocates and lobbies for policy change; and provides strategic direction; and is a united voice for the sustainable development and growth of the tourism industry. MTC is headed by a Board of Trustees and works through an elected Board of non-Executive Directors representative of the Tourism Industry The Board of Directors implements its functions through the Secretariat which is headed by an Executive Director

our mandate

To be an official umbrella body that represents and acts for the Tourism Private Sector in Malawi; and promotes the value of Malawi tourism; advocate, lobby and influence opinions, policies, and plans; and work for creation of a favourable and all inclusive legislative, fiscal and physical environment for the sustainable development and growth of the tourism industry.

our vision

To be the representative Authority of the Tourism Private Sector in Malawi.

our mission

To be the representative Authority of the Tourism Private Sector in Malawi.


Act as the Tourism Industry advisor to Government and Local Authorities on all aspects of tourism, to collaborate and work with all Government agencies to grow and promote tourism in Malawi;


Promote development of the tourism industry in a manner which recognises the significance of the country's natural assets and ensure that such developments pay due regard to the protection and public enjoyment of the environment;


Promote and facilitate the establishment of strong geographical, and sub-sector tourism associations and encourage collaboration and networking between and among them through membership to the Council;


Encourage and promote the development of minimum standards and improvement of tourism and tourism-related facilities and services for the benefit of travellers to, within and beyond Malawi;


Initiate, encourage and conduct research to benefit the tourism industry;


Encourage and promote education, training and skills development for the benefit of the tourism industry;


Industry and Community Centred

MTC will seek to:
• Understand industry and community needs and respond timeously, efficiently and effectively to the queries and requests.
• Listen to and act on what can put the industry and community first - with dignity and respect.

Transparency and Accountability

MTC will seek to:
• Discharge duties and responsibilities openly while observing members’ confidentiality and rights.
• Take responsibility for its own decisions and actions, and always act in a transparent manner.
• Create communication channels for stakeholder engagement.


MTC will seek to:
• To put the interests of its members as well as all clientele above its own and shall conduct itself in the manner that is above reproach.
• Act in good faith in all its day to day activities and display humility.
• Exercise care not to disclose confidential information.


MTC will seek to:
• Have a commitment to ethical behavior and focus on justice and fairness.
• Discharge its duties ethically following standard procedures using highly qualified, competent, skilled and experienced staff.
• Understand members’ needs and respond timeously, efficiently and effectively to  queries and requests.


MTC will seek to:
• Be Result-oriented and cost-effective in its work.
• Strive for quality and high performance.

Community Engagement/Participation

MTC will ensure that its members of staff:
• Work closely with its stakeholders and community in particular, by constantly engaging them in all relevant activities.


MTC will seek to:
• Adopt global best standards for sustainable/responsible tourism practices that uphold ecological integrity, promote economic development, and respect local cultural values of the people of Malawi.

Oswald Bwemba
Group Operations Director for Sunbird Hotels
David Nkhwazi
Finance Committee Chair
Managing Director for Red Zebra Lodge and Lake Malawi Aquariums
Florentine Kabefu
General Secretary
Marketing Executive for Protea Ryalls by Marriot Hotel
Rollings Moyo
Vice Chairperson
​Manager for Land & Lake Safaris Limited
Isaac Katopola
Director of Tourism in the Department of Tourism Malawi
ken banda
Admin, HR Committee Chairperson
President of Travel Agents Association of Malawi
Eveline Sibindi
Admin, HR Committee Chairperson
Managing Director for Madidi Lodge and Spa.
jam kaunda
Admin, HR Committee Chairperson
Managing Director and Proprietor Nzanzi Entertainment & Living Room
Yvonnie Masikini
Admin, HR Committee Chairperson
Marketing Manager for Hotel Masongola
Elsie m. tembo
executive director

A Strategist with strong Management Skills; Quick learner, able to grasp new ideas and concepts, ability to develop innovative and creative solutions and provide leadership to challenges. Excellent team player with vast experience in working with various stakeholders in the Public Sector - facilitating and coordinating implementation of various projects both at local and national level. A self-starter and passionate leader who is always eager to get results. A leader who is able to reproduce herself and impart knowledge through role modelling and mentoring of staff. Former Principal Secretary and Chief Director for Tourism in Malawi.

peter c. manda
finance and administration
tilius phiri
membership and communications